Reward System at The Concept Beacon

Our website operates on a point-based system for earning rewards. Upon registration with, members receive points for every activity they engage in while using our website. These points can be redeemed for cash, allowing members to earn money while studying their preferred subjects.

One point is equivalent to a value of INR 0.01. You can request to cash out your earnings once you have collected at least INR 10. Here are various ways to earn points on our website:

Reward Points:

  1. Signing up on our website will earn you a welcome bonus of 50 points.
  2. You will receive 1 point for daily visits to our website and, visiting any page on the website will also earn you 1 point each time.
  3. Registering for a course will get you 10 points, while completing a course will earn you 5 points.
  4. Posting a comment will earn you 01 point each time.
  5. Contacting via contact form will earn you 01 point each time. Please note that spam messages will lead to point deductions.
  6. Being an active member of our forum can earn you many points. Creating a new post on the forum will earn you 05 points, replying to any topic, upvoting or liking any post will fetch you 01 point each.

Every month, members who are active participants would receive bonus points as a reward for their participation. Liking and sharing the posts or courses that you read is also a great way of getting monthly bonus rewards.

Point Deductions:

Posting a spam comment would result in a deduction of 10 points.

In conclusion, we hope that our website has provided you with valuable knowledge and resources to enhance your personal and professional growth. Our commitment to empowering our users with the tools and information they need to succeed remains unwavering. We invite you to continue exploring our website and to take advantage of all the opportunities available to you. Remember, learning, earning, and growing are essential to achieving your goals and living your best life. Thank you for choosing our website as your educational and career development partner.

How to encash points?

Reach to our contact page and send your encashment details. We require the following information from you:

  1. Your user name on this website.
  2. Your email Id.
  3. Count of coins you want to encash.
  4. UPI id for payment.